CQ Nutrition is proud to be an Approved Registered National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider.

We assist NDIS clients all across the CQ region at our clinics. We also recognise how difficult it can be at times to travel to our clinics, so we also offer home visits to NDIS participants.

NDIS Dietitian QLD

What We Do

How can dietitians support people with a disability?

Dietitians can support those with a disability in a wide variety of ways! Some areas of education include:

– Cooking classes to demonstrate how to cook a healthy meal with flavour.

– Fussy eating assessment using PROP supertaster testing and strategies to manage.

– Bowel issues – constipation, diarrhea, coeliac disease, IBS, etc.

– Weight management – body composition analysis, metabolic rate testing, meal plans.

– Strategies to support optimal growth and development.

– Mealtime challenges – avoiding social engagement around food, eating with distractions, refusing to come to the table etc.

Ready To Achieve Your Goals?

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